76ers Expected To Pursue LeBron James In 2018 Free Agency

Since his turmoil-filled offseason that saw Kyrie Irving abandon ship and go to the Celtics, LeBron James has been rumored to be leaving Cleveland again in July’s upcoming free agency in order to continue to chase Jordan’s six rings with a stacked squad. Some have suggested that LeBron is LA bound to play with Lonzo Ball and Magics young, budding nucleus of multi-faceted, developing weapons. 

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Colin Cowherd believes the Lakers “don’t deserve” to sign LeBron James in free agency this summer. Here’s why: https://t.co/jI4JYViZJr

Now that Phillys dumpster full of funksters has been setting the NBA ablaze and exciting the City of Brotherly Love with visions of future success, rumors about The King coming to Philly like Dr J did in the ’80s have the social media mouths chirping. 

Combining LeBron with Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and the host of young talent in Philly is mouthwatering to Sixers fanatics. Most inside reports claim that LeBron isnt considering Philly, but once free agency gets started, things could change. 

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Report: #Sixers expected to pursue LeBron James in free agency STORY | https://t.co/pQyvPOty7j #LeBronToPhilly

NBA analyst Jalen Rose expressed the feelings that most fans have, I don’t want to see mercenary LeBron…If he leaves Cleveland, it wont be for Philadelphia. They’re young, but they’re not ready just yet, Rose said, pointing out the fact that Embiid still has some maturation issues and Simmons cant shoot plus is a ball-controller, similar to LeBron. 

LeBron James aint going to leave his hometown to go to Philly. You know how bad thatll look for him.

Not that it means anything but LeBron’s ace Maverick Carter was spotted with the Philadelphia Sixers owner last night according to reports, but a few weeks ago, Carter said as long as Bron keeps winning, he can continue to brand himself in any city he wants.   

Leave it to LeBron and his Dream Team to always keep the crowd guessing. As long as it’s a possibility that The King will leave home again,  teams will continue to pursue the guy that can change the fortunes of a franchise overnight. 

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