5-On-5 One Shot: Who Has More Upside Between John Wall and Eric Gordon?

SANDY: Eric Gordon's return has the most staying power because he already knows how to play strong and play big in the league. One of the biggest question marks about John Wall right now is based on no one knowing quite what he is right now as a player and what he will be – his ceiling is hard to define. Gordon has the bigger upside, because he's a supreme shooter and scorer, and he's versatile enough to make the kind of plays that win games on his shoulders.

GAMBLE: Wall’s a special talent who was unfortunately abducted by one of the NBA’s junkyards. Washington is a pathetic nursery school for ballers. Wall is only 22 and hasn’t been mentored like the greats must be. Magic had Kareem, Rondo had The Big Three and Biggie had Ditty. Wall hasn’t been taught the nuances of the game, the cost of victory. Surround a healthy Wall with some winners and you’ll see his upside begins where Gordon’s ends.

TILLERY: This is a true toss up because both have serious talent but, I have to go with John Wall. His size is the difference maker. Eric Gordon will be at a defensive disadvantage guarding a bigger player, while Wall has the potential to rock wilder on both ends. I've talked to both over the years, but Wall just seems to have something mentally that will allow him to become a superstar. I sense he really wants it. I got into a chill debate with Kevin Blackistone at a University of Maryland event last year wondering if Wall can be a top of the league player and I said yeah but just not in DC. I think the Lakers should trade for Wall because I don't think DC is big enough for him. He needs a place to show his force. To grow into his talent quickly and I honestly think LA is that spot.

B.SCOTT: Wow, John Wall to LA. Hadn't even considered that one but I'll have to think on it. As far as upside, I have to think about who these guys play with as well. It's a toss up in terms of individual talent, but location and circumstance says Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis can team up as the rookie develops and this thing could really turn into something special. Wizards’ fans may have been hoping for that, but they're still working in a system I can't believe in just yet. 

NUBYJAS: Gordon by a slim margin. Wall is a player but he’s the same guy with that goofy dance. I need my point guard to be a leader of men and I can’t take you serious if you’re too busy playing around. Gordon is that leader and will take a team further than Wall. 

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