49ers And Law Enforcement Unions Unite To Improve Community Relations

Many have come out against the idea that sports and politics need to be separate, but they have always had an intimate relationship despite those that decry against it or outright deny it. Guess the latter missed Trump attacking sports a few weeks ago, cementing the fact that this relationship obviously exists.

Athletes vs Trump

So as players continue their protests against social injustice by taking a knee during the anthem, and NOT against the anthem, we learned of another example of sports and politics intertwining out in the Bay Area, one that specifically touches on why players are taking a knee.

Yesterday the San Francisco 49ers partnered with law enforcement unions from eight cities to improve community relations and safety and calling for a ban of bump stocks. The team allocated $500,000 towards this partnership initiative which includes unions from Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, Sacramento, San Jose and Santa Clara. The group will produce and distribute PSAs, both locally and nationally, which speak towards bettering the relationship between the police and the communities in which they serve. 

SBA on Twitter

Today’s press conference marked the beginning of a partnership between the SBA, major police unions, and the San Francisco 49ers. https://t.co/CscyJsskMG

After the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, in which the terrorist used a bump stock, many have come out against it.

“It seems insane to me that a citizen can buy something like that and take something that was awfully horrific but magnify that and make it so much worse,” 49ers owner Jed York said at the press conference. “I think those are the things that, if we want to keep our communities safer, if we want to keep stadiums safer and team venues around this country safer, we need to be very vigilant about things like bump stocks and other things like that (that) can really put all of us at extreme risk and in extreme danger.”

The collective group took a pledge “for a more understanding and safer America,” the ultimate goal being to improve the situations plaguing communities, particularly those of color, across the country

Matt Keller on Twitter

Breaking San Francisco #49ers & several police unions to sign pledge today for “bump stock” ban & to improve community-police relations.

We feel like we have a good platform at the 49ers, being an NFL team, to work with our community to help make it a better place,” said York. “I think all the officers that spoke were very clear that theyre not anti-Second Amendment. Im not anti-Second Amendment. But this is something thats just common sense.”

Hopefully more will follow the lead of the 49ers and these unions while ultimately recognizing the true message behind taking a knee.

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