3 Hypothetical, But Very Dope 90’s Cartoon Reboots With Black Actors

Recently “Get Out” director Jordan Peele expressed interest in directing a live-action version of the classic 1990s cartoon Gargoyles, and we’re most definitely here to breathe in all that nostalgia.  

While the Gargoyles were stone creatures that came to life in a manner typical of many fantasy/action-based offerings, most of my friends identified with the idea that their leader Goliath was black. In part because of his voice (Keith David) and because of that box fade/mullet situation happening on the top of his head.

The Many Voices of “Keith David” In Animation & Video Games

Playlist: http://bit.ly/1j1D3HV The Many Voices of “Keith David” In Animation & Video Games Which of Keith David’s Voice over role(s) in video games did you enjoy the most? Which voice actor/actress would you like to see next? Leave your suggestions in the comments below. ______________________________________

So, that got us to thinking about some other cartoon shows that we’d love to see helmed by contemporary black directors and starring some of our favorite black thespians, as well.

(Directed by Ava DuVernay and starring Yara Shahidi)



In my opinion, Ava DuVernay’s ability to give flesh to intimate women’s issues could give the rather light and comical fare inherent with the subject matter an unheard of depth that the cartoon could only allude to, while Shahidi’s take on Daria would be undoubtedly Afrocentric but just as pessimistic and sarcastic as the cartoon character ever was. Perhaps even more.

(Directed by Jamie Foxx and starring Bryshere Y. Gray)

Best of Freakazoid part 1

had to split into two parts, I kinda overdid it ^^; Freakazoid, definately one of the most underrated shows of the 90s, yet one of the funniest superhero shows of all time. Back when cartoons were random and funny in a food way.

Created in 1995 and originally appearing on The WB, Freakazoid! was known for over-the-top physical comedy, silly puns and outlandish situations that was heavy on slapstick, double entendre and pop cultural references. However, I feel this could work on the big screen because Foxx, arguably one of the best all-around comedians of our time, would bring out the best in Bryshere Y. Gray, pushing him to dig deep and bring one of the most irreverent toons of the 90s out for all to see. Makeup and CGI would easily sinch the needed optics.  Can you see it? Think of the cult classic status of the live-action adaption of The Tick, but with a lot more black people.

Johnny Bravo
(Directed by Dwayne The Rock Johnson and starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson)



The Rock has actually been rumored to be involved with a live-action remake of the popular Cartoon Network show about a somewhat lecherous Momma’s boy whose clumsy, chauvinist overtures are deflected and dismantled in comically tragic fashion for over 15 years, but recent reports say that ship has sailed. However, we can still hope against hope, right? Not only is The Rock a spitting image of Johnny Bravo minus the blond Elvis hair, but he’s so self-deprecating and comically-inclined that audiences will be sure to spit concession stand soda streams out of their noses in laughter regardless of the script. (Whoa Momma!)

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