2020 Hindsight Grants 2021 Vision

At the stroke of midnight, a year full of tumult was placed in the rear view mirror.

2020 was like the pangs of food poisoning staying for three whole quarters.

It was like a significant other that wouldn’t accept the breakup so every day they slashed your tires.

Not to belabor, because you get the point, but last year was brutal.

It showcased a world that is fragile and hanging by a very thin string, or more accurately, prone to collapse via an invisible virus.

However, 2020 put on full display two pandemics: one virulent and another socially omnipotent in racism.

If COVID-19 was the finisher for 2020, the inherent bias and hatred component of Afrikan people was the pre-cursor.

The new long hot summer will forever be viewed through the lens of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Arbery and more that died.

2020 showed that even without a central organizing committee, like that if the Civil Rights era leaders, the youth will take to the streets to fight for what’s right.

Through a consistent approach to disruption, the people spoke volumes about where America currently sits and it’s in an uncomfortable position.

Donald Trump’s failed Presidency further exposed the gaping chasm of division that has shaped America from the beginning.

Two America’s where the birth rights of some feel threatened while the existence of others is the threat itself.

There can be no cauldron of issues as powerful as 2020 and now we have entered a new year.

New stimulus, new President and same energy.

Thoughts of a pending nationwide lockdown once Biden is is office swirl. The vaccine, which was promised for 2020, actually came and still many are skeptical because of America’s former medical betrayals.

Globalization has made us one world united in the pandemic struggle and one country divided in repairing its unforgivable sins.

So now that 2021 is here have we collectively gleaned anything impactful that will steer us clear of the same shock and awe that defined 2020?


Really, we are all weather beaten. 2021 will ultimately go down as the year that had it the easiest of the millennia thus far.

All this year has to do is give us a glimmer of hope for a better tomorrow and it will instantly eclipse its progenitor.

This was by far the most lackluster, downbeat New Year’s Eve ever…rightfully so.

2020 aged us all mentally and spiritually and we ask 2021 to uplift us from the doldrums of despair.

Afrikan people collectively are economically and socially challenged. COVID-19 is still here. Biden and Harris must prove to be more than a return to status quo and White rage cannot remain a counterpoint to Black America’s disgust.

We made it to that new new y’all…now what are we going to do with it?

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