2012 Bayou Classic: Battle of the Bands

Some bands just get half time to do their thing. But not these HBCU bands. Southern University and Grambling State got a whole separate day—and halftime– to display their talents at the 2012 Battle of the Bands at the 39th annual Bayou Classic in New Orleans, LA.

The Superdome was filled with the young, old and fervent alumni from each prestigious university swagging and surfing to the tunes. Performances were chock-full of everything from hip-hop music you’ll hear on the radio to R&B classics. These aren’t your average bands.

Stories from the Battle of Bands will take on a tone like “This one time at band camp….. we made the entire New Orleans Super Dome swag and surf with the sounds of our brass.”

And oh yeah, there was a football game and Southern University took the win.

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