Zach Randolph’s Brother Killed In Their Hometown Of Marion, Indiana

For African-Americans who have reached a certain level of success, it may appear as if your problems melt away exponentially with every level of financial and professional notoriety. However, there are often stories of tragedy that appear in the news blotter that reminds us that we’re still intimately connected to the places that raised us, and the people we were raised with.

On Sunday, it was reported that Roger Randolph, brother of Sacremento Kings forward Zach Randolph, was shot and killed in his hometown of Marion, Indiana.

Sacramen2 Kings on Twitter

Statement on the passing of Zach Randolph’s brother Roger.

Police say the shooting happened around 5:00 am outside of Hop’s Blues Room. Authorities say Roger Randolph was found bleeding between two cars and was pronounced dead at the scene. Zach Randolph led Marion High School to a state championship back in 2000. The two-time NBA All-Star grew up in the city near Indianapolis, before attending Michigan State University, and then entering the NBA.

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