Your Weekend In Tweets: 4.8.13

This may have been the fastest moving weekend of the year, so far. The National Championship game is now in place with Louisville and Michigan set to battle on Monday night. Baseball is officially in full effect. Oh, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta and WrestleMania were on at the same damn time.


This is sad. Young people, please go learn about this man.

You’re the one with a real career.

I’d still buy Kenya’s, though.

Don’t mess up your check!

Are you saying that isn’t what you would do anyway?

He’s still the man.

Close, but no cigar.

This is a cool picture.

This can be so huge for baseball.

Right now, they can play with anybody.

It’s only been 40 years since they won a ring.

I’ll take Clyde’s style over Westbrook's any day.

McGary is about to cash some checks.

Bad timing!

Bullying does work.

He can’t do any worse there.

You would have just tweeted about it.

Best moment of the weekend.

And everyone is waiting for more.

He truly gets basketball.

It took them long enough.

Not sure if that’s the word you meant, but it doesn’t matter.

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