Your Weekend in Tweets 2.18.13

Kyrie Irving introduced himself to the casual basketball fan. Dwight Howard made a three and got clowned for existing. Kobe Bryant showed he still has it and LeBron ate a small piece of humble pie. All-Star weekend brings out the best and worst of Twitter and here is a small portion of the better tweets from a great weekend. 

Oh the irony.

Would you really have wanted that?

That’s why we have DVR’s or more than one TV.

Something needs to change.

Worked once, why not again?

You’re right and that’s sad.

This is a little bit of grandstanding, but I’ll allow it.

You’re better than this.

Good work, young fella.

He looked totally different.

I’d wonder about you.

Does this explain Alicia and Ne-Yo?

Aren’t you supposed to be playing Dr. King in a movie?

Dwight can’t catch a break even from the kickers.

I’d love to be at this dinner.

Harsh, but it’s fair.

It wasn’t at all, but where have you been?

Yes it is and what’s the problem?

Well played, Arian.

Kobe never forgets a slight.

Happy Birthday!

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