Your Weekend In Tweets: 10.8.12 Edition

Some of y’all done lost y’all minds. Yup, I’m looking squarely at the fans in Athens, GA who vandalized the home of a collegiate athlete, because the Dawgs lost a football game. I’m also looking at the Braves fans in Atlanta who threw bottles on the field for over 20 minutes and the fans in Kansas City who cheered an injured Matt Cassel. Pump the brakes, people! Thankfully, though, there were lots of great sporting moments this weekend that remind us why we love these games.


UGA fans have jumped the shark.


More fans behaving badly, maybe it’s a Georgia thing.


Good news.


Cold world.


The honeymoon is over.


But y’all wanted the real refs back.


E-40 is an Oakland guy, but I’d rep the 49ers right now, too.


Congratulations and Get Well Soon, Chuck.


If it ain't broke…


Why weren’t you at the game?


NASCAR drivers are always selling their sponsors.


This was awesome.


Win as a team, lose as a team.


They blew that out of the water.


The bandwagon is full.


There are other ways to lose. I’m sure your team can find them.


It’s better than nothing at all.


Bronson balled out.

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