Your Weekend In Tweets: 10.22.12 Edition

Your weekend in tweets: 10-22-2012 We saw a civil rights legend bust out the Gangnam style, found out Lil Wayne has officially cheered for every sports team in America, Texans reclaim their number one spot and Saints find yet another way to cheat death.


Obvious statement.


You won the game, though.


Are you speaking French? You didn’t play.


Get him some help!


Clowning the Eagles again?


Not enough to win the game.


Can he get it together?


Love the linemen and they will block for you.


But don’t take him out with you.


I see the resemblance.


John Lewis marched with Dr. King for your right to vote; now he’s dancing to the polls.


If you don’t know the words leave the song alone.


He still got paid.


Is there any team in America you don’t root for?


We love the ladies, too. Congratulations Indiana.


You won’t pass the concussion test like that.


Somebody had to bring a championship to the state.

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