Your Weekend In Tweets: 1.21.13

Championship weekend was great. The 49ers were able to overcome a 17-point hole and the Ravens dominated the feared Pats to create the ultimate brother match-up. Twitter was on fire this weekend and here are some of the best. 

You mess with the bull you get the horns.






Y’all got to leave Pam Oliver alone.



Take that, Oprah!



See what you did, Manti.



What was the last song he made that mattered?



You would’ve had them contracted out of the NBA.



He’s bout that life.



He tugged on Superman’s cape and lived to talk about it.



You were!






That has to hurt.



He’ll pay it and move on.



You need to say it with your chest.



It was the moment of the weekend.



No wonder they’re awful.



This is still funny.



How did Stevie J make the boat?



This has to stop, now!



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