You Need To Know: Bobby Green

“You Need To Know” is an original Shadow League series which brings you closer to some of the rising stars in the world of sports. The victories and defeats. The triumphs and challenges. They all combine to make these athletes the inspirations and successes that they are, which is why You Need To Know who they are.

Bobby Green is a veteran of the MMA world. Currently fighting in the UFC, he has been fighting all of his life and we’re not just talking about in the cage. A foster child at the age of 5, Green has fought to survive and succeed both in life and as a pro MMA fighter.

An All-State high school wrestler in California, he entered the pro ranks in 2008, eventually competing in Strikeforce and the UFC, compiling a professional record of 23-7 over the last eight years. He has overcome the loss of his grandmother and brother to become a success and inspiration to those who struggle with life’s hardships. 

The Shadow League sat down with Bobby during a training session to learn more about him. Now you can too.

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