Yasiel Puig Is Just What The Dodgers Ordered

In two games Yasiel Puig doesn't quite have a Fernandomania buzz yet, but after two games in the majors, Puig's legend has already blossomed in the City of Angels. Across town, Mike Trout had a similar jumpstart to his career, but he was the top-rated prospect in the minors. So far, Puig (who's had only 95 plate appearances in the minors since defecting from Cuba last year) has been a whiff of smelling salt for the sleeping Dodger faithful.

Puig ended his debut game by running underneath a flyball on the warning track, and then firing a bullet to first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, catching the runner out at first place. Puig's defensive double-play didn't have the same impact as Jason Heyward going yard on his first major league pitch, but the message was the same. He's done with the minors. Puig is ready to become a star hitter in the league right away.


On Tuesday night, Puig ignited the Dodgers hitters by belting two home runs of his own, become the first player since 1949 to bash a pair of homers and ring in five RBIs in their  first two major league two games. With every swing and throw, the compliments are rolling in for Puig. If his hot bat can continue creating a spark in the Dodgers lineup, there may be hope for the Dodgers bleak season.


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