WR Floyd Allen’s Rags To Riches Tale Has Only Just Begun

The Houston Texans ignored the stats, saw the character and drafted Floyd Allen.

No matter what you say about the National Football League, one of the things that makes it difficult to tune out is the number of people that we get to watch live out their lifelong dream on the gridiron on any given Sunday.

There are always your lottery pick golden boys who will dominate the lion’s share of news coverage as far as rookies are concerned, but then there are those stories that reveal the resilience that we all can respect and aspire to.

This year, that story comes wrapped in the form of WR Floyd Allen out of Ole Miss.

Yes, he played in the most powerful conference in college football, but he didn’t get a lot of playing time, nor did he have a lot of catches or touchdowns. He only had four catches for 44 yards while playing mostly special teams last year.

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WR Floyd Allen signed with the Texans this week. Unreal story.


But the Houston Texans must have seen something in him that went beyond the numbers, and beyond the fact that he played at four colleges in five years and even almost gave up on football completely. They just signed him to an NFL contract as an undrafted free agent.

Just a few years ago Allen was homeless.

Now, Allen is in the fight for a job, a fight that many with far more sterling accolades have fumbled. But looking at this brother’s resume, it appears apparent that making the roster on a long term contract is almost a certainty if his history can be used as an indicator of how his potential continues to skyrocket.

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