While You Were Working: Ray Lewis Spoke About Aaron Hernandez

Ray Lewis spoke about Aaron Hernandez with SI. Read the full discussion of his role with ESPN here.

“What you are comfortable with is what you know,” Lewis says. “If you don’t know something, don’t speak about it. Bad rumors and bad messages get out when people identify with something they have no clue about. You can only speak from true experience. If a kid is not doing the right freaking things off the field, that is very simple: He needs to figure it out. He needs to get around the right crowd. He needs to have more balance. Those things are very simple, I think, to be comfortable talking about.”

Asked if he should be a part of any studio conversation about Hernandez, Lewis says, “It would only be to give a brief explanation on what you know. Because if you are talking about getting into the case—what happened, how it happened—that’s the judge’s job, that’s the police’s job. Having gone through the things I have been through, what I learned from that is everybody has something they want to say, and 80 percent of them are illiterate. You have to be careful with it. You can’t speak about something you do not know. Give your opinion, and keep it moving from there.”


Jon Beason says he's looking forward to HGH testing in the NFL.


RGIII is likely to miss the entire NFL preseason.


Greg Oden will decide between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs for his attempted comeback.


Paul George reiterates that he doesn't have any plans to leave Indiana.


DeMarcus Cousins says he wants to remain with the Sacramento Kings. 


Kyrie Irving says he has no intention of leaving the Cavs. Notice a trend? Are these guys naive or loyal?


ESPN ranked the top 500 NBA players last year, and player 499 got the number stitched into his shoes for motivation.


Team USA would love to have Derrick Rose back on the squad in 2014, especially if he's doing more things like this dunk in Madrid:


Here's the latest from Yasiel Puig.


A former UCLA player is on a mission to change the culture of concussions in football.

To that end, Larimore is starting a web site (MyHeadHurts.co) that will launch Aug. 26. He plans to spend the first year gathering stories and data on brain trauma. The longterm goal: Create a culture where players feel they can remove themselves from a game due to concussion symptoms and not lose their starting job.


Aaron Rodgers owes a fan his 2013 salary for Ryan Braun's positive test.


Senator Al Franken wants the US gov't to come clean about their NSA spying program.


Anthony Weiner may have been sexting another woman (yes, another woman).


Complex counts down Jay Z's top 25 songs before Reasonable Doubt.


Spike Lee launched a Kickstarter page to make his next film.


Rich Gang held an album release party in NYC.


Hit-Boy stopped by Sway In The Morning with the rest of Audio Push and played three never-before heard beats for them to freestyle over.


Consequence drops off a remix to Kanye's "Black Skinhead."

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