While You Were Working: NFLPA Not Feeling New Offseason Schedule

While the NFL proposes a new offseason schedule that would push back the combine, the start of free agency and the draft, the Players' Association doesn't appear to be down with it. The Washington Post cites two union sources that says the NFLPA is "unlikely to agree" and that pushing back free agency has "no chance." The league is already pushing aggressively for this, but the plan has to be approved by the NFLPA.

John Elway isn't giving NFL scouts any more credit than they deserve when it comes to finding talent at quarterback:



Elway's threads also received some attention:





The NFL Scouting Combine workouts begin on Saturday and will last until Tuesday. Even with a somewhat weak draft class, this is undoubtedly going to be the sports event of the weekend since football in America trumps all. Just be sure to check this piece written by TSL's Megan Livingston on how the Combine conjures slavery. It's certainly worth your time.

Oscar Pistorius was released on bail today, nine days after shooting and killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.





Bobby Valentine has a new job. He's going to take on the athletic director position at Sacred Heart University in his home state of Connecticut. 



The St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Twins and Miami Marlins have the most prospects on Baseball America's list of top 100 prospects.

A Clippers fan knocked down a halfcourt shot to win a Dodge Charger in what was otherwise an uneventful game against the Spurs:


Jermaine Dupri discusses the 20-year anniversary of So So Def.

Much community love for the new Wiz Khalifa-Amber Rose baby:






So these cops tasered a dude but still ended up tackling him when that didn't work. Homie still has cigarette in hand, like "these haters can't hold me back":


Police in New Jersey found 100 bags of heroin stuffed in a dude's ass when they pulled him over traffic warrants:



Kendrick Lamar and Drake bring you the video to "Poetic Justice":


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