While You Were Working: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Takes Interest In Coaching UCLA

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar probably isn't on UCLA's radar for a new men's basketball head coach. But the best player to ever suit up in a UCLA uniform says he'd love to bring the program back to its rooted tradition, where graduating players and teaching them how to play basketball at a high level was a priority. 

Here's Kareem on Jimmy Kimmel Live, just kickin it. 


Don't expect to see Derrick Rose playing tonight against the Heat. Take the following quote with a grain of salt, though. If dude is hesitant about dunking and all, why would he want his first game back to be against the Heat? They're kinda good. Chicago has the Mavericks, Pistons and Wizards after this Miami game. That's the ease-in route.



Robert Griffin III released a statement to ESPN saying his goal is to be ready to play for the Redskins on Week 1, but said he won't go until he's indeed ready, whenever that is. 

What exactly are the Cleveland Browns trying to accomplish with this new quarterback competition they've created?

J.R. Smith was being J.R. Smith Tuesday night against the Celtics.


The good folks in Russia don't want anything go wrong in the Winter Olympics, so much so that organizers are storing nearly 500,000 cubic meters of snow just in case the weather doesn't cooperate next year

Brittney Griner had three dunks in an 85-47 rout against Florida State, her final home game with Baylor. Griner finished with 33 points and a career-high 22 rebounds

Duke assistant coach Chris Collins (Doug's son) is close to a head coaching deal with Northwestern.   

Matt Barnes misses badly on what would've been a huge shot to tie the Clippers and Mavericks in overtime. That is, if at least hit the rim. 


Bad news for the Lakers?



The Sacramento City Council approved a deal to build a new 18,500-seat arena and retail center downtown. It's one of the city's final attempts to keep the Kings in town, instead of bolting to Seattle. 

Dwyane Wade says his hometown city of Chicago never fully embraced him because he played his high school hoop in the suburbs



Tech N9ne has a release date and art for his 13th studio album Something Else

A Lil Wayne documentary is set to debut March 31 on BET

Erykah Badu and Pharrell are expected to be featured on Tyler, the Creator's Wolf LP

In the second day of Supreme Court arguments on gay marriage, Justice Anthony Kennedy questions the federal governments role in defining marriage and says it's a states issue. With respect to the man from the high court, that's a tired position, eh?



Boston College seems to have taken a peculiar stance against on-campus safe sex awareness

Which reminds me, the Internet is experiencing the worst spam-filled cyberattack ever. Be careful out there and make sure your Antivirus protection game is on point. 

An NYPD officer admitted to taunting an innocent 13-year-old boy after stopping and frisking him

Here's Gee Watts featuring Kendrick Lamar with "Watts R.I.O.T."

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