While You Were Working: 2.1.13

BIlly Hunter was put on an indefinite leave of absence by the National Basketball Player's Association in a move that appears to be the start of removing Hunter as its executive director. This comes on the heels of an internal review initiated by NBPA president Derek Fisher and a pending U.S. Attorney's office criminal investigation. 





Roger Goodell is standing by the decision to suspend players who repeatedly deliver blows to the head and says even more discipline should come in the future. Meanwhile, Goodell said he was unaware that the NFLPA wants a Chief Safety Officer (presumably not named Roger Goodell), something executive director DeMaurice Smith mentioned Thursday. 

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo performs his Lennay Kukua voice on Dr. Phil. One thing we can count on with this story is that it will NEVER make sense, no matter what stand you take. 

The Lakers are going to play against the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight without Dwight Howard, due to the center's injured shoulder. 

Ricky Rubio has Pau Gasol's back, says it's not fair that his fellow Spaniard is coming off the bench for the Lakers. 

A source told Outside the Lines that Anthony Bosch injected Alex Rodriguez with PEDs and one time made A-Rod bleed everywhere when he had trouble locating a vein

Somebody had to be around to tell this guy Tayshaun Prince had been traded, before he showed up to the game and waited on him to come out of the tunnel. Who's supposed to be out here looking after the Tayshaun Prince fans @vgoodwill?

The Department of Veteran Affairs reported that suicide rates among veterans is more than 20 percent higher than previously estimated and that 22 people a day committed suicide in 2010.

Religious groups who object to the new healthcare policy requiring insurance coverage to woman for contraceptives, could see a compromise from the Obama administration.

Drake will release a new single on Grammy night. It's supposed to be the first single from his third studio record. 

Rick Ross is back in the studio after being shot at, via Pusha T

Beyonce addressed the controversy surrounding her pre-recorded sing along to the national anthem at the presidential inauguration. She wanted the sound to be perfect (it was) and she's proud of the performance

Kate Upton, Willem Dafoe and Usher star in a Super Bowl commercial for Mercedes-Benz. Clips from behind the scenes, too.

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