While You Were Working: 1.30.13

The deer-antler spray dealer that claims he sold to Ray Lewis said he showed Alabama football players how to use the substance. The Crimson Tide responded, saying they've been monitoring the sports supplement company S.W.A.T. for years. And apparently Yahoo! Sports was up on the Lewis angle back in 2011. 



Pau Gasol feels like he's trying to accept his role as a non-starter, but getting benched in the fourth quarter isn't any easy thing for him

Rajon Rondo's agent Bill Duffy told CSN New England that the injured point guard is considering a second opinion on his knee from orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews. Rondo is also likely to reach out to Adrian Peterson, who recently set the new standard for ACL recovery.

Paul Pierce says he wants to retire as a Celtic.

Some highlights from Klay Thompson's career-high 32-point night against the Cavs. Dude lit it up:


How about Allen Iverson as a Sixers consultant?



You didn't think we would have a Super Bowl this close to Mississippi without SOMEONE inviting Brett Favre, did you?

At least five people were hurt in a Phoenix office complex shooting today. 

A 15-year-old girl from Chicago was gunned down just days after performing at President Obama's inaugural events with her high school band and drill team. It's more senseless violence impacting communities. Police don't even believe she was the intended target

MGK with a new video for "La La La"

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