Where Is P.J. Hairston Going So Fast?

One lesson most drivers learn early on is that if you obey the speed limit, you won't get a speeding ticket. The cops might pull you over and write a citation for a litany of other nonsense, but speeding, nine times out of 10, is a sure way to get a ticket. 

That's why it was surprising to hear over the weekend that North Carolina's P.J. Hairston was cited for reckless and careless driving, going 93 in a 65mph zone. This, just after the weed charges were dropped from when Hairston was found driving without a license and packing a pistol. 

Now, Hairston's been suspended indefinitely by UNC and everyone's looking into his relationship with the convicted felon who rented out the vehicles that Hairston was driving. 

The microscope was there long before Sunday, and Hairston knew this. So I'd like to know where the hell the kid was going so fast, knowing full well that the stage was set perfectly for the next shoe to drop if he didn't drive slow