When Rules Are Stupid: Carl Crawford Fined For Honoring Jackie Robinson

Did you see Carl Crawford's cleats on Jackie Robinson day? He went with white on his left foot and blue on his right, as a unique tip to Jackie. He saw Jimmy Rollins switch shoes during a previous game and decided to do something different as well. Apparently, he didn't see that Brian Wilson was fined $1,000 for his bright orange spikes during the 2010 All Star game, because Crawford was hit with a cease and desist from Bud Selig and MLB, plus a likely-forthcoming fine on top of it. 

Rules are rules is the saying, but in this instance, it's just stupid. It's hard to imagine MLB doesn't know TV ratings or demographics, but they are losing young people and have a rapidly declining black viewership. This USA Today blog refers to something related to MLB as "cool" for the first time since Ken Griffey Jr. rocked his hat backwards. 

Rob Parker thinks black people shouldn't waste Jackie Robinson's legacy. Apparently, Selig doesn't care. Rather than take the opportunity review a rule that might add some intrigue or flash to the game, the old-heads at MLB decided to censure Crawford for trying to honor baseball's hero.

Do better. Though, at some point, when ratings catch up to you, there won't be much choice. Ask the GOP

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