When He’s Not Shock-Jocking, Charles Barkley Is Blessing HBCUs | Sir Charles Donates $1 Million To Spelman College

NBA on TNT analyst and Basketball Hall of Famer is known for his quick-witted and straightforward takes. He’s also known for his calling guys out when they’re not performing like the contract they signed. Something many may not know about him is his philanthropic ways and how he values entrepreneurship.

 In an interview with AL.com, Sir Charles announced that he will make a $1 million donation to Spelman College. Barkley’s reason for choosing the legendary all-women HBCU is the relationship he has with his business partner John Hudson, whose daughter is a student at the institution.

 “John has been a great mentor, a great friend, and a great business partner. I was ready to do another HBCU, and with his daughter doing great things at Spelman, so I told him, Why not there?”

Hudson talked about Barkley and his generosity, and how folks don’t know much about him outside of the hardwood and TNT set.

 “People are aware of Charles from TNT and his NBA stardom. But I don’t think people are aware of how focused he is on philanthropy and entrepreneurism. He knows who committed Jordyn is to Spelman and has seen how it has transformed her worldview.”

 Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’d know that Barkley has always given back to support HBCUs, this isn’t his first rodeo.



Barkley Has Long Given Back To HBCUs

 With this donation to Spelman, Barkley has now donated $6 million to the HBCU world. He began donating in 2016.

 In a press release new Spelman College president, Helene Gayle had this to say about the “Round Mound of Rebound’s” philanthropic efforts.

 “Charles Barkley’s $1 million gift to Spelman College comes at a significant time as we continue to close education and wealth inequality for Black families and maintain affordable education opportunities for women of African descent. “As one of the country’s leading engines of social mobility and the nation’s leading HBCU, this generous gift will help build upon Spelman’s legacy of developing the next generation of leaders.”

Barkley Joins Diddy And Ja Rule In Latest Philanthropic Efforts

 While Barkley has long been doing this, rap and business mogul Sean P. Diddy Combs recently pledged $1 million to his alma mater (Howard University) and to Deion Sanders and the Jackson State football program. Diddy says, “Because we should play for us.”

 Rapper Ja Rule also made donations to the HBCU world, by announcing donations to the aforementioned Jackson State and Spelman. Plus, Morgan State, Hampton and Morehouse.

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