What We Learned In NFL Week 8

OBJ trade talks resurface, Mahomes Jr. chases Manning and Lamar Jackson throws his first NFL TD pass.

By all accounts, the New York Giants and Odell Beckham Jr. married each other when the superstar receiver signed his $95 million dollar deal. While the season hasn’t gone as planned and OBJ has publicly expressed his displeasure with quarterback Eli Manning and the Giants team in general, I was surprised to see Ian Rapoport on NFL Network discussing the possibility of the Giants trading OBJ before Tuesday’s 4pm trade deadline.

Rapoport says he doesn’t see how it would be possible with OBJ’s current contract.

“This is a difficult deal to do if not impossible,” Rapoport said.

The fact that this is being discussed at all has got to be disheartening to Giants fans who went through an offseason of rumors. After all of the threats of a holdout and the back and forth between the Giants and OBJ in the media, he got the money he wanted — but there are still rumors of them parting ways. Most news outlets are dismissing the rumors as click bait. However, I’d say these rumors are more than legitimate because there’s a way to win big in business without rubbing someone’s face in it afterward. OBJ didn’t take the high road and the bad taste is still lingering in the organization’s mouth.

The record-breaking receiver did a Josina Anderson interview with a geeked up Lil Wayne sitting by his side while he questioned his teammates’ hearts and said he didn’t know if he wanted to be here (in NY). It was a kick in the gut to New York Giants fans and an organization that bent over backwards to please him. As it appears, the organization also ignored fortifying other key positions to secure OBJ and make him happy. That hasn’t been enough to make things all good.

A 1-7 season has distorted what should have been the beginning of a long love affair. OBJ’s refusal to muzzle himself for the good of the team has the support of people who feel that black athletes have been silenced far too long under an oppressive ownership. However, OBJ got his money. His part of the deal was playing the good soldier. He’s the franchise face now with Eli Manning on the way out and when your franchise player doesn’t express any desire to be on the team, just a few months after securing a massive bag, then the franchise is in trouble.

OBJ broke a code when he criticized the Giants in front of the world. It boosted Josina Anderson’s stock as a major player when it comes to securing the big interview. It helped Lil Wayne’s albums sales. It made OBJ look like the renegade diva receiver laying down the law and telling it like it is. Unfortunately, it also made the Giants look terrible and caused irreparable damage between him and the front office.

Mahomes Jr. Is Chasing Brady, Manning

Patrick Mahomes’ four TD passes on Sunday gives the second-year signal caller 26 TD passes through 8 NFL games, which projects him to finish with 52, which would be the second most thrown in a single-season behind Peyton Manning’s 55 in 2013.

The MVP Trophy is in the bag, but to catch Peyton Manning, Mahomes Jr. needs to throw 30 more TDs in the second half of the season. It will be tough but Mahomes and Kansas City seem to be getting better and more explosive each week. Mahomes could definitely catch Tom Brady who had 50 in 2007.

Mahomes Jr. also joins Brady and Manning as the only quarterbacks to have tossed 26 or more TD passes through 8 games.

If Mahomes Jr. reaches the 50-TD mark, he’ll become just the third QB to ever do it. It should be an intriguing storyline to follow as the season progresses and the young star continues his dominance of the league.


Lamar Jackson Impresses In Garbage Time Action

There was a Lamar Jackson sighting on Sunday as he went 4-for-5 with his first professional TD pass in a 36-21 defeat at the hands of the Carolina Panthers. It was in garbage time, but the electricity he brings when he is in the game just leaves the fans craving for more.

Starter Joe Flacco struggled, while Jackson showed the speed, elusiveness and rifle arm that projects him as Baltimore’s starter of the future. Is the future now?

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