What Lamar Jackson’s New “Monster Piece” Tattoo Tells Us…So Far

Lamar Jackson was dynamic, revolutionary and dominant at times en route to his 2019 MVP season. He slapped his haters with two hands and ran and threw his way into the history books while establishing the Ravens as a Super Bowl contender moving forward. 

How did LJ reward himself for rising to the top of a supposed “legendary” 2018 rookie quarterback class

He recently unveiled a massive chest tattoo that features the word “family” as well as a pigskin in the center of his chest with what appears to be purple ravens feathers extending from it. 


There are two names on each side of the football: “Felicia,” and Lamar.” 

The word “Truzz”is at the bottom. It symbolizes trust and became one of the Ravens’ themes during last season’s run. 

Jackson’s tattoo artist from Ace of Spades Tattoo Studio posted the fresh ink on Instagram, cautioning that the current artwork was just the start of a “monster piece,” 

The artist can’t complete the tattoo until the coronavirus quarantine is over, but that’s fine because this masterpiece in the making won’t be Jackson’s first marriage with the ink. He has his grandmother’s name and his mom’s favorite Bible verse (Mark 6:4) on his arms. And underneath his biceps he has “Living” on the left and “Legend” on the right. 

Here are some takeaways from Lamar’s tattoos. 

1. Ravens To The Death Of Me

Lamar is all in with the Ravens and believes that he will spend his entire career in Baltimore. At least, that’s what he’s implying by permanently brandishing his body with Ravens feather and colors. We’ll see how that works out, but right now Lamar’s 150 percent invested in leading Baltimore to a Super Bowl; mind, body, and soul. 

2. Self-Anointed Living Legend: Confidence Is Not A Problem

Despite being the last quarterback and player chosen in the first round of the 2018 Draft, Jackson’s confidence never wavered. He still thinks very highly of himself. 

To tattoo a “living legend” on your biceps is not only borderline obnoxious, but some competitors could take that as a premature taunt. The moniker is self-anointed for one. Lamar hasn’t won a Superbowl yet and he’s only had one sensational pro season. We know that he’s already a legendary figure in Florida, but the tides can turn quickly for a quarterback who uses his legs more than his arm in the NFL. Lamar is on his way to mastering both, but you can’t predict anything past the current play in the NFL. On the other hand, you have to have his level of confidence to accomplish what he has after facing so many obstacles. Imagine if this guy actually switched to wide receiver? 

3. Believe In Those Who Believe In You

Jackson knew that once he got his opportunity to ball out, he would make fools out of anyone who doubted him. The B-More Ravens are the team that embraced him, believed in him and allowed him to showcase his incomparable talents. He has embraced the organization as family and going forward, will lead a culture of trust. 


4. Great Women Beside Every Great Man

His mother and his grandmother seem to be the two most important people in Lamar’s life. They are his driving force and very spiritual. Jackson trusts his mother, who is also his agent, unconditionally and his grandmother’s influence on his life is obviously strong and positive. 

5. I Love Me Some Me!

Jackson plans to walk around without his shirt on a lot next summer and hit up a ton of beaches. 

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