What Happened To Cecil and Prince Fielder? (Part Two)

It took Cecil Fielder a long time to decide to write a book about the ordeal he’s going through with his son.

After all, this book is nothing like the story Cecil envisioned when he first held Prince in his arms after he was born.

Cecil – an All-Star slugger with the Detroit Tigers in the early ’90s – just knew his boy, his first born, would be successful.

He even knew there was a chance that Prince would follow in his footprints and make it to the big leagues; especially, after Prince cleared the fences at the old Tiger Stadium at age 13.

But for Prince – now a monster home-run hitter himself with those same Tigers – not to be in his life and, worse, no longer a part of the family, just cut Cecil too deep.

As we all know, Prince won’t talk about his old man or even the circumstances of what tore apart this once-wonderful father-and-son relationship.

Hence, the details of the unthinkable split are simply left for speculation, most of which isn’t very flattering for Cecil. After all, it has to be something Cecil, 50, did because Prince, 28, doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Or does it? It really isn’t clear what happened.

That’s why Cecil is finally breaking his silence about his son, and writing a book titled, Blood on the Diamond. It’s due out later this year.

 “I haven’t really given my version of anything that has gone on over the last 10, 12 years,” Cecil exclusively told The Shadow League. “I’ve been so depressed about it.

“I just never thought that my son would be the way he is. Not just with me, but with the fact that he’s not reaching out to anybody in his whole family. And that’s very, very concerning.”

And with good reason. Cecil and Prince had a suitable-for-framing relationship when Prince was a kid. Cecil took Prince everywhere with him, including places he wasn't supposed to be – like on a major league field taking BP. It was pure fatherly love for his boy.

But after Cecil went through an ugly divorce with Prince’s mom, financial woes and was subjected to rumors that he took Prince’s Milwaukee Brewers signing bonus, his son has had no time or use for the man that helped him reach his dream.

Many years later, Cecil is still absolutely stunned.

“If you would have said in 1993, your son was going to act like this when he became a big league player, I would have told you you’re crazy as hell,” said Cecil, who vehemently denies taking any of Prince’s money.

Most would think that Cecil writing this book would prevent the two from ever having the relationship they once had. Cecil understands that, but finally wants the truth to the story revealed.

“That doesn’t concern me anymore,” he said.

Cecil said it was something his mother told him that finally pushed him to go forward no matter what.

“She said you can look at anybody in this country, anybody who was on your team and nobody gave as much attention to a baby boy as you did to your son,” Cecil said. “She said, ‘You don’t have anything to be ashamed about with that boy because you’ve done everything for him.’

“At that point, I kind of backed off how I was feeling. She was right. I couldn’t have done anymore for my son to become a successful person.”

Still, Cecil stressed his hope that Prince will reunite with his family. Cecil says Prince is estranged not just from him, but his mother, sister and grandparents, too.

It really hurts that Prince doesn’t talk to his baby sister, Cecilynn, according to Cecil.

“What’s frustrating me is the lack of communication between him and his sister,” Cecil said. “Which I definitely feel needs to happen sooner than later. This little girl has nothing to do with anything and she’s lost touch with her brother. And she’s frustrated trying to understand why.”

Cecil is remarried now and has a new family with two young kids. It pains him that Prince has never met his half-brother and half-sister. Again, it’s about family.

“I’m more concerned about the relationships outside of me,” Cecil said. “I can deal with me and him not having a relationship.

“That doesn’t bother me, at all, because I did everything possible.”



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