WATCH: Yasiel Puig Breaks Bat Over Knee After Striking Out

LA Dodgers Cuban Rocket Yasiel Puig once said he has so much money he doesn’t care that he’s been robbed twice. He does, however, care if he strikes out… like a lot. Puig flipped out on Sunday after striking out and the way he broke his bat over his knee in anger gave me flashbacks of Bo Jackson and other famous bat obliterators. 

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Just a hunch, but @YasielPuig didn’t like striking out.

Bo even broke a cracked bat over his head once. 

Bo Jackson BREAKS bat over his helmet!

6/21/89: After grounding out to the pitcher, a frustrated Bo Jackson treats his bat like a twig and breaks it in two over his helmet Check out for our full archive of videos, and subscribe on YouTube for the best, exclusive MLB content: About Commissioner Allan H.

That’s probably my all-time favorite bat break. 

Here are some other infamous bat breaks.  

MLB | Breaking Bats

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There’s also been some broken bat fails. Technique is an important part of breaking a bat over your knee. Sometimes players just hit the wrong spot and nothing happens. It’s actually hilarious when you see it happen. It’s like the biggest fail of a misguided attempt to express superior strength and anger that you’ll ever see. 

MLB Broken Bat FAILS

I hope you enjoy my highlights!

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