WATCH- Ronda Rousey TKOed in :48 seconds

The hype was there, yet it didn’t feel the same. The dialed in, fully focused stare down at the weigh in was a signal that her return had come, yet the vibe didn’t seem right.

Now we know why.

In :48 seconds, Amanda Nunes schooled the former champ in the art of striking, stunning the MMA world by forcing a stoppage of the bout as Rousey stood dazed and bloodied at the center of the octagon. Nunes landed jabs and haymakers on Rousey’s face before the referee mercifully called it in favor of the rising Brazilian star, leaving everyone contemplating what they had just seen, But for some, it wasn’t that surprising as grumblings had been surfacing that Rousey had mentally lost it, that she had been exposed by Holly Holm and that Nunes was just that damn good.

Watch the video below and you can see that all of those things are true.

And to add one last haymaker to the fight’s result, Nunes took to Twitter for another TKO:

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