WATCH: Lil Duval Reps For His Hometown Jaguars

Lil Duval is living his best life, fresh off his hit single Smile featuring Snoop Dogg and hes a Jaguars fan having grown up in Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida. 

Hard work, humor, fearlessness, talent and energy has taken Duval to the top and he brought all that and then some to his appearance on Undisputed with Skip and Shannon on Wednesday, where he predicts that we should book the Jaguars for the Super Bowl right now. 


We’re (@Jaguars) just livin’ our best life. … We’re going to the Super Bowl. I see it, and I’m not going back and forth with nobody.” -@lilduval

Whats usually a pretty focused sports show turned into a barbershop session. Skip even got a little looser than he usually does. Lil Duval talked about his come-up and how comedy naturally led him to music and to this new fame where his song is on the Billboard charts. 

Flexing his sports knowledge, Duval made a Super Bowl bet with Skip, who said that he believes Cleveland will win a Super Bowl before Jacksonville does. 

If Skip loses he has to bust Lil Duval’s kill the shoulder dance on national television. We’re all hoping for a Bayless win because none of us want to see him doing that. 

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