Watch Dr. J Take The Stage For The Latest NBA Finals Spot

Is there anyone cooler than Dr. J? Ummmm….No. 

Decades after his last game in the League, Dr. J remains the embodiment of smooth and cool. He is still recognized as one of the greatest and most influential players ever to touch a basketball.

Now that we’re a few games away from the 2017 NBA Finals, the league has turned to Dr. J for the latest and final installment in their post season campaign. Check it out as the Doctor explains what it’s like to enter the stage.

The Finals begin June 1st. Will it be a Cavs vs. Warriors rematch? Most think so but to get there, you have to win.

Like the Doc said, “All that elegance, all that style. None of it really matters if you dont win. Because when its over…you either have a ring, or you dont.”

Always listen to the Doctor. 

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