WATCH- Clip for new EPIX documentary “Doped: The Dirty Side of Sports”

(Main photo image credit: Getty Images)

This weekend as football takes center stage in the U.S. the boxing world will get another pop as Floyd Mayweather returns to the ring to meet Andre Berto in Las Vegas. While nowhere near the hype and dollars of the Pacquaio fight past or future, Mayweather and boxing are still the draw in Vegas, with many watching to see how Floyds pay per view numbers will be for a fight not many are banking on.

While the boxers toil in the ring, an upcoming documentary by Andrew Muscato and Bobby valentine will look at the business of policing PEDs and the effect, or lack of effect on sports like boxing. It is called DOPED: The Dirty Side of Sports, and it will premiere on EPIX September 30. In addition to sports like baseball and the Olympics, the film looks pretty deeply at boxings relationship with the United States Anti-Doping Administration (USADA) and its potential conflicts in helping police the sport. USADA also recently did a deal to help police the UFC, another potential issue as a bug business plays both sides of the aisle, trying to keep a sport clean while keeping athletes in the game. One of the biggest voices in the film is boxer Paulie Malignaggi, who talks openly about the issues promoters, boxers and governing bodies have with the system now.

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