Washington Is The Latest Stop On Adrian Peterson’s Award Tour

Adrian Peterson has become a high-priced nomad. A hired gun, seeking to lend whatever remnants of his super freak game that still exists to the highest bidder. As he ascends up the all-time rushing charts, the 12-year vet has become the NFL’s new cleanup man. If your franchise has a shortage at running back, Peterson can clean that problem right up. 

In his first start for the running back-strapped Washington Redskins in Week 1, the wily veteran rushed for 96 yards and a TD and hauled in 70 receiving yards to help Washington to a 24-6 win over Arizona. Peterson has played just 31 NFL games since the end of the 2013 season, so he’s preserved his legs. He still looks fresh. The explosiveness and athleticism of his glory days are gone, but when you need a tough yard, a party starter and proven warrior, a dual-threat with 12, 372 rushing yards on his resume; the ultimate pro. Peterson is that guy. 

Once again, Luke Skywalking on these haters and celebrating day in the NFL he has left like a birthday. 

Adrian Peterson on Twitter

This one’s for anyone that’s ever been doubted.. #HTTR

But how does he continue to persevere, even as his talent erodes?

NFL on ESPN on Twitter

Hard work outdoes talent when talent don’t work hard. So when you have talent and combine that hard work with it, that’s when you can reach greatness.” [email protected] to @john_keim https://t.co/IIL5HFYyot

Petersonsbattled back from adversity his entire life, so it’s not surprising that his illustrious career seems never-ending. Hes endured the most gruesome injury, rehabbed it and returned stronger than ever. His 2014 child-abuse case and subsequent suspension from the NFL was a setback, but the fans still love him and he returned to become the second-oldest player to ever win a rushing title. He’s a symbol of the NFL’s old, fading power back, but as offenses continue to evolve and the nature of the position changes, Peterson finds a way to stay in the game as the 33-year-old future Hall of Famer embarks on his 12th-year in the NFL with his fourth team. 

After 10 years in Minnesota, establishing himself as one of the most dominant forces in the history of the sport, Peterson headed to New Orleans. He wasnt getting the rock and Saints HC Sean Payton didnt care to accommodate him, so Petersons Bayou rendezvous only lasted 4 games. 

Petersons next stop was Arizona, a franchise that was reeling from the loss of all-purpose dynamo David Johnson. Peterson had an opportunity to showcase his skills for the Cardinals and he produced 448 yards and got to rush the ball 129 times. 

Washington Redskins on Twitter

All Day. Legend. Adrian Peterson passes Jim Brown and is now 10th all-time in rushing yards. https://t.co/Rd9QvGSfMw

With Johnson returning, Peterson capitalized on another running back shortage, this time in Washington, where rookie Derrius Guices production had him looking like a potential Rookie of the Year until he tore his left ACL in the preseason opener. 

Purple Jesus AKA All Day AKA AD still feels he’s the best back in the League and he’s coming to Washington to win a championship and prove it. Believing is always half the battle. 

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