VIDEO: The Most Infamous And Racist Moments In WWE History

The WWE has had a long history of promoting stereotypical characters, gimmicks and overtly racist storylines to appease their fans.

VIDEO: 5 Black Pro Wrestlers Who Never Won The WWE Championship

The Rock is the only WWE Championship title belt holder who was Black. There’s definitely room for improvement.

Yet over time some of these plot devices and played out caricatures of people of color were just too disrespectful to ignore.

5 Black Wrestlers That Put On For The ECW Brand

With WWE Extreme Rules just around the corner, The Shadow League wanted to look back at some the greatest ECW wrestlers of color.

The Shadow League has compiled a video of some of the more infamous and racist moments ever associated with the squared circle.

From D-Generation Xs repulsive blackface to the savage Samoan stereotypes that plague ever pacific islander, see how long you can stomach these clips without getting too pissed off.

Most Racist WWE Moments

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