VIDEO: Teen Stars Reflect On The Sacrifice Required To Work On When They See Us

Though they weren’t alive when the Central Park fiasco occurred, these young men were forever changed by it.

The story of the so-called Central Park Five as retold by Ava DuVernay is being hailed as some as the best of her considerable cinematic works.

Indeed, while such accolades should rightfully be heaped upon the individual who came up with the sights and sounds that will recall an egregious miscarriage of justice. But without great acting, it’s all for naught.

[jwplayer edWuImbl]

Recently, The Shadow League spoke with young cast of When They See Us, Asante Blackk (Young Kevin Richardson), Marquis Rodriguez (Young Raymond Santana Jr), Jharrel Jerome (Korey Wise) Caleel Harris (Antron McCray), and Ethan Herissee (Young Yusef Salaam) about why this story is so relevant today, how they were able to remain true to themselves while interpreting such heavy material, and how being onset changed them going forward.

These five intelligent and thoughtful young men were more than up for the task. Check out our sitdown with the case above.

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