Video: Peep The Anti-Redskins Ad That Will Air During Game 3 of the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals is usually the hottest topic on game days in June. However, a polarizing topic may rise to the surface if the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation of California has it's way. That's because they purchased 60 seconds of airtime during Game 3 on Tuesday night. The ad below is 2:01 longwhich means it likely won't air in full. Check out the entire video below though. It's powerful stuff.

There will always be division over the unintended or intended derisiveness of the Redskins nickname, but the tide has turned in the last decade or so and if anything this ad will get people talking during the NBA Finals. What their reaction is anyone's guess. However, if they really wanted to get people talking, they could aim for a Super Bowl spot. 

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