Video of Unsanitary WNBA Bubble Conditions Sparks Twitter Outrage

Yahoo! Sports reporter Cassandra Negley had this to say on June 19 concerning the disparity in living accommodations within the NBA and WNBA’s respective “bubbles“.

The NBA is coming back to a season with bedroom views of a lagoon and individualized menus from an exceptional culinary team. The WNBA has booked stays in multi-room villas complete with washers and dryers. Some meals are provided.

And on it goes.

The two professional basketball leagues in the United States are both planning to return from the COVID-19 pandemic stoppage late next month at sites 105 miles from each other in Florida. Yet the worlds they’ll be in from Disney World to IMG Academy could not be more different.

Kayla Johnson, a digital video producer for ESPN posted a video from one of the laundry rooms and a bedroom inside the WNBA Bubble in Florida.

The video doesn’t reflect well on the WNBA, IMG or the housing staff. Maybe the people handling the accommodations thought that high school students were returning to fill the rooms, not the premier professional league in women’s sports comprised of roughly 140 players (seven of which have tested positive for COVID-19), plus coaches and staff and media.

It gets worse.

More footage emerges of some sort of dead slug or millipede being in one of the rooms. Then the food gets put on blast.

The response from fans was all negative and ranged in emotions from outraged…

To pure comedy…


To another call for action against gender inequity in sports.

We hope those failures were just some oversights by the staff and aren’t indicative of the entire living quarters or menu.  More footage will emerge from life inside the Bubble ( “Wubble”) which will be a period of adjustment for everyone involved.

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