VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Unveils Movie: The Movie 2

Earlier today, late night television host Jimmy Kimmel released the follow up his star-studded post-2012 Oscar film Movie: The Movie with Movie: The Movie 2, a sequel with an even more ridiculous plot and an equally voluminous ensemble celebrity cast.

"Kimmel has unveiled Movie: The Movie 2V, featuring Bradley Cooper, Jessica Chastain, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryan Cranston, John Krasinski, Gerald Butler and more. Sexy leprechauns appear, Krasinski suffers excessive superhero tragedies and Bruno Mars stops the madness to preach for peace. And naturally, Kimmel's sworn enemy Matt Damon is here too. "When you have a big success in Hollywood, there's only one reasonable thing you can do," says Kimmel, "and that is cheapen it with a sequel." –Rolling Stone


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