VIDEO: JaVale McGee Throws It Down On Hamed Haddadi, Then Takes A Bow

A Javale McGee highlight never lacks for comedy, as you'll see here, when the goofy Denver Nuggets center takes a bow after throwing down a ferocious slam against the Phoenix Suns. What exactlly is Hamed Haddadi doing there besides getting in the way?

Serious business, though: cats are making defending the rim indefensible these days. It started with the show in Lob City, most recently with DeAndre Jordan bringing the chalk out on Brandon Knight for daring to play bad defense. 

It should be noted that Knight made a much better defensive effort than Haddadi, but perhaps that's what made the Jordan dunk so great -– that Knight would try his hardest to stop the attempt and get laid on his back in the process. Haddadi shuffles his feet over to McGee all half-ass like and sort of gets back what he put in on that one. 

Fact of the matter is that rim protectors have to start choosing their battles more wisely, whether to play bad defense or no defense and to have sense enough to know the difference.

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