VIDEO: Ed Lover: Te’o Has No Swag

This Manti Te’o story can’t stop and won’t stop anytime soon. The details just keep rolling and everyone seems to have an opinion.   Most people aren’t buying what Te’o is selling. But, Ed Lover has a unique defense for the embattled football hero. In the interview the radio host believes Te’o was duped because he has no swag. This is the only logical defense I’ve heard for this baffling story. Maybe Lover will have Te’o on his show and put him up on game before he enters the league. 

Stephen A. didn't hold back much either, accusing him of being complicit in the hoax on some level because the story makes so little sense. Skip Bayless defended Te'o some, but ultimately they all agreed he's just a kid and this level of naivete is within reason.

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