USA Gymnastics To Pay Larry Nassar Victims $75M-$150M

According to financial statements released Thursday, the USA Gymnastics organization will have to pay between $75 million and $150 million to the victims of Larry Nassar.

As a result of the scandal, some 220 gymnasts filed lawsuits that claim the former USA Gymnastics doctor abused them.

ESPN reported that the expected payout range does not include what comes out of criminal inquiries or other investigations. USA Gymnastics also expects insurance to cover a potential settlement of the claims, though the amount claimed could go up if more victims come forward, according to USA Today.

Michigan State University will also have to pay $500 million in settlements to more than 330 women who were victims of Nassar’s abuse. Nassar served as an athletic department physician at the school.

Since news of the scandal broke, the organization has seen a revolving door of head chiefs. And is now at risk of having its recognition as the national governing body of the sport revoked.  


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