UNLV Sends Recruit Stephen Zimmerman 86 Letters in One Day

Stephen Zimmerman, the No.2 prospect in the class of 2015, got a huge surprise in the mail when UNLV sent him 86 letters according to Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo sports. Even though it was 86 letters, UNLV made sure they weren’t repetitive and his parents seem to be fine with it.

From Yahoo Sports:

It took Stephen a while to open every letter from UNLV, but once he did he discovered they were all different. Some contained handwritten letters from the UNLV coaches explaining how excited they were to recruit Stephen. Others included fliers and pamphlets highlighting UNLV's basketball facilities or their track record of producing NBA players. One even had a card for Stephen, who celebrated his birthday Monday.

"I think the letters show some ingenuity," Lori said. "They know us pretty well, and I think they knew it was going to get a laugh at least. It also goes to show that he is a priority for them either that or they have a really good mailing service."

If this is what it takes to keep homegrown talent home then I am all for it. When you are one of the top prospects in the country, expect all the schools recruiting you to go above and beyond to make sure you are going to their school. This is quite an unusual move for UNLV when it comes to recruiting but anything to get ahead of all the other schools is worth it.