TSL Sports Talk- The Horrific Case Of Rae Carruth 20 Years Later

Scott Fowler has covered the Carruth case for 20 years for the Charlotte Observer. He joins us to discuss their upcoming podcast docuseries on Rae.

There are criminal cases in history which remain burned into our minds and hurt our hearts every time they’re mentioned. The story of Rae Carruth is one of those stories.

Carruth is scheduled to be released from prison on October 22nd, 17 years after being sentenced for conspiring to murder his pregnant girlfriend. With his pending release, the memories and feelings will surface once again.

Joining us is Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer, who has covered this case for 20 years and will be narrating an upcoming podcast docuseries on the tragic saga that transpired two decades ago. Listen in as Scott tells us about the heartbreak he witnessed and experienced over these last twenty years and how there are some glaring examples of goodness that has come out of this horrific event.

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