TSL Sports Talk Recap: Tommy Amaker

Yesterday on TSL Sports Talk, Harvard’s head basketball coach, Tommy Amaker joined us to give us an update on Ivy League sports. Amaker was featured on The Shadow League back in February as a part of our successful Ivy League Series. The series covered the diversity of the Ivy League and it four inspiring Black head men's basketball coaches in honor of Black History Month. The other three coaches featured in The Ivy League series included Cornell’s Bill Courtney, Yale’s James Jones, and UPenn’s Jerome Allen. In case you missed it, check out our exclusive with Coach Amaker here.

TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray, opened up the conversation by asking Amaker what the start of this basketball season has been like so far, following a successful last season.    


We’re proud to be in this position. We’ve really work hard, as everyone does in our business -in this crazy world of college athletics- to position yourself to be relevant, to be successful. You have to find your own levels of that and define your own standards and identity. We’ve done that and I think that’s been really healthy for us- that we haven’t tried to keep up with what other people perceive us to be or think we should become. That’s been good for us. But nonetheless, we’ve had some momentum and it’s been fun for our kids, to see them excited and become a ranked program, winning games and winning our conferences. So we’re proud of that, but we recognize the work that goes into it and we also know how lucky we have to be in order to take some of those accomplishments.   

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on Harvard’s upcoming season and what Amaker expects from his team. 


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