TSL Sports Talk Recap: Scoop Jackson

ESPN.com’s Scoop Jackson, joined us on TSL Sports Talk with some inside news on the NBA. Check out some of the topics TSL Sports Talk, Mark Gray, covered with Jackson.

Jackson, on the apparent disconnect between Lebron and his team:

Not only do I think there’s a disconnect between the coach and the players, I think there’s a disconnect between Kyrie, Kevin and Lebron. It’s different than it was in Miami, and I think that we’re trying to find a way to compare to Miami because we’re dealing with “Big Three” vs. “Big Three.” In Miami though, there was a friendship there. There was a kinship there before they even got together. They knew each other. Chris, Dwayne and Lebron knew each other. So that played itself out on the court. I don’t think Kevin Kyrie and Lebron really know each other. They don’t have a friendship like that. So you’re getting cats that are getting together and it’s like instant grits. It doesn’t happen in the NBA. You can’t get Quakers and pour water on them. I think they were looking for it to happen that way though.       

Jackson, on rumors that Kobe could be moved to another team due to his performance so far:

I don’t think so.

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on the Lakers and other NBA topics. 

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