TSL Sports Talk Recap: Scoop Jackson on NBA & Nascar Driver Bubba Wallace


On today's show, TSL Sports Talk will discuss a wide range of sports. One of the NFL's most decorated and prolific defensive backs Everson Walls, will be joining us to talk football, along with NFL analyst Lloyd Vance. Scoop Jackson of ESPN.com will be on to give us this week's NBA segment, "Driving The Lane." TSL's own DJ Dunson will cover all things college football with this week's "The Road To The BCS." Last but not least, combat sports events facilitator and journalist, Rhett Butler, will join us to talk about upcoming fights (Anderson Silva, Rousy vs. Tate, etc.) and lead a discussion on the first man vs. woman MMA fight that may take place in Brazil. Tune in today, from 3-5pm EST, on The Shadow League. Join in our discussion by tweeting us @tslsportstalk and write us: [email protected].



NASCAR driver Darrell Wallace Jr., aka Bubba Wallace, joined us last week on TSL Sports Talk to shed light on what it’s like being a young, African American in professional stock car racing. This year, Wallace became the first African American driver to win in one of NASCAR's national series since Wendell Scott’s Grand National Division win in 1963, when he won the Camping World Truck Series Korger 200 on October 26th.

TSL Sports Talk host Mark Gray, opens up the discussion with asking Wallace what it’s like being on Joe Gibb’s Racing team, what sports he enjoys watching and why NASCAR is a real team effort.

Wallace on the importance of teamwork in NASCAR racing:

“Teamwork is more than half of what goes in it. It's ridiculous on how much you have to rely on your team and that’s what gets you to the racetrack each and every weekend. I mean, if you show no respect to your guys, then they’re not gonna show any respect back to you. They can put in some junk set up and make you look like a fool before you make them look like a fool. You definitely gotta know you team, get to know them not just at the race shop or the racetrack… Just really become a family throughout the year and to have each other’s back. They wanna win just as bad as I do… the feeling of knowing that they’re behind you makes you wanna climb back in the truck every weekend.”


Listen to Wallace’s full segment below to hear what he says about NASCAR drivers being "real" athletes:


Check out our NBA segment with Scoop Jackson:


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