TSL Sports Talk Recap: Santana Moss & Andre Ward Give TSL The Exclusive.

This week on TSL Sports Talk, veteran wide receiver Santana Moss, gave host Mark Gray, an exclusive TSL interview that you won’t hear anywhere else.

With the NFC playoffs seemingly out of sight for the Washington Redskins, tensions appeared to rise amongst the players recently as a result of their poor (3-7) record this season.

On yesterday’s show, Gray jumped straight into addressing the beef between Moss and RG3 that has been circulating around the media all week.


Moss on his beef with RG3:

“Its crazy man, honestly, you know, how things get twisted and tangled. But I’m glad at the same time [that] what I said was recorded. So basically, what I feel, I think was thrown out of context and reworded and made it seem like I said something different. But the only thing that matters is that we as the players in the locker room knew what was said and understood and RG understood where I was coming from and that’s all that really matters. The media right now, they are looking for something more than what we’ve given them already with these losses—to stir up something and divide what we got going on. Any time you’re down, someone’s looking to kick you a little harder.”

Listen to the entire segment to hear what Moss exclusively told TSL Sports Talk on what he thinks the prospect for the Redskins is for the rest of the season, how much longer he thinks he’ll be playing football, losing Sean Taylor, and much more. 



Later on TSL Sports Talk, pro-boxer Andre Ward, the current super middleweight title holder, talks with our host on what it was like getting through his injury and rehab, issues that come up on the business side of boxing, his victory over Edwin Rodriquez last week, and more.


Ward on what he loves about boxing:

“I think what I love about it is – just from a professional standpoint – it's just the competition, you know, I love to compete. I’ve always been that guy that’s just a pure competitor.”

Listen below to find out what he dislikes about boxing and more.

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