TSL Sports Talk Recap: Phillip Buchanon 

Yesterday on TSL Sports Talk, former Miami Hurricane and Pro cornerback Phillip Buchanon, joined us to talk about his career and his new comic book ventures. In case you missed it, TSLs own Ricardo Hazell, also sat down and talked more in depth about with Buchanon about his passion for comic books. Check out a few highlights from Buchanon on TSL Sports Talk below.

If the NFL Combine gives an adequate representation of a players abilities:

“NFL scouts can see more of what you can do in a play setting. The Combine is more for gym rats. Its more for guys who are very athletic and can do exceptional things. But what they havent included in the Combine is if a player is very gifted and talented and he goes to worst system in the NFL, he will be forgotten In certain situations, like a CB or receiver, if you go to the wrong system or the wrong team, you can get buried and people will be like, Wow, what happened to him? He ran a 4.2., 4.3 and now we dont know anything about him.’ A lot of times, people get lost because theyre with the wrong team and the wrong system.”    

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on what Buchanon has to say about the NFL Combine, his career and more.  

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