TSL Sports Talk Recap: Pete Rose        

Last week on TSL Sports Talk, MLBs all time leader in hits, Pete Rose, joined us to talk about his MLB career and his role as the face of SportsBeep.com, a sports-fantasy app that lets fans win prizes for predictions made during games. Check out a few highlights below.

On Sportsbeep.com

“This is the kind [of app] where you can sit around and compete against each other. This is not the type of app where you need to get out all these sheets and look at all the stats and try to analyze whos going to fumble, whos not going to fumble. Its a lot of fun. Its a game of knowledge. You and I could be watching the Super Bowl and we could be betting against each other or competing against each other and it makes it a lot of fun. And you can win some money. Youre not trying to pay your bill based on hooking up with Sportsbeep, youre trying to have some entertainment and some fun, and thats the good thing about it.”

If Rose feels hes being penalized by writers regarding his ban from the Baseball Hall of Fame:

“Its really not true as far as blaming the writers. You cant blame the writer in my case because Ive never been put on a ballot for the writers to express which side theyre on. Im not eligible [for the Baseball Hall of Fame] because Im not on a ballot. Bonds, Clemens, the rest of those guys you mentioned are all on a ballot to be voted on every year. I have never been on the ballot. So, if youre arguing that I should be on the ballot, I think thats a legitimate argument. Now, whether I ever make it or not based on the voters, if I ever get on a ballot, then its up to the writers. Thats the way you look at that. So lets not start blaming the writers as of yet, because until Im put on the ballot, if I ever am, then we can complain about the writers.”

On controversial MLB greats that are not in the Hall of Fame:

“Would I ever vote for Bonds? Yes, I would. Would I vote for Clemens? Yes, I would. Would I vote for Palmeiro? Yes, I would. Would I vote for Sammy Sosa? Yes, I would. Youve got a seven-time Cy Young winner and a seven-time MVP, that arent in the Hall of Fame, which is not real good, as far as Im concerned.”

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on Roses career and what he has to say about the Hall of Fame.

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