TSL Sports Talk Recap: Michael Graham

This week on TSL Sports Talk, Georgetown Hoyas legend, Michael Graham, joined us to talk about his basketball career and March Madness. Check out the highlights below.

On what it was like representing a team that was chronicled as the bad boys and if Graham embraced it:

“In a sense, we did, with all the Hoya paranoia and all that stuff. We embraced it. I thought it was good because, I know me personally, Im a physical guy. And I knew that Georgetown needed a power forward. So, thats why I went there. When I saw that Georgetown had lost to Keith Lee (Memphis State) in the quarter finals, they were lacking that power forward. Thats all they needed.”

On choosing Georgetown over Maryland:

“I had originally signed a letter with Maryland. I was originally on my way to the University of Maryland. I had already signed a letter and everything. My mother tried to be involved, but then she wasnt, in a sense, because she didnt know. But she did know that I was going on the hilltop with that big guy because that was the father figure that I needed. So going into Georgtown, bringing the image that I learned to play on the streets of Washington DC, it was aggressive, it was physical, but I figured if I could bring that to Georgetown, we can win a national championship.”

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on Grahams career and his thoughts on March Madness 2015.  

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