TSL Sports Talk Recap: John Dell

This week on TSL Sports Talk, Sportswriter John Dell, joined us to commemorate Clarence Big House Gaines on the 10-year anniversary of his passing. Check out the highlights below.

Where Dell was when he heard the news of Gaines passing:

“I remember it vividly because I was home and one of our desk guys had called and said that Big House has died. I had to carve up a story and get into work mode at about 9:00 and had to get it to them at about 10:30, so I was in scramble mode. It was kind of a shock because we had known that he was a little bit sick and he had been in the hospital, but we didnt know to the extent of it. So, we had to scramble a bit that night I cant believe it has been 10 years.”

On the significance of Gaines mission to giving back and how it is a testament to his legacy:

“I think the significant part of all of that and Clara [Gaines], it was great to talk to her and shes doing fine- is that he didnt just affect basketball players that he had coached. There were numerous students that he came into contact through the 47 years he was at Winston-Salem State, that still send letters and cards to Clara and none of them ever played for him. They were just students of his and he made an impact there as well and I think that kind of gets lost. He didnt just have an impact on kids that he coached. It was school-wide and I think thats a testament to what Big House was all about. Ive never heard one player who has played for him and didnt tell me that Big Houses biggest message was to give back to the University. That kind of gets lost as well. He was all about giving back.”  

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on the legacy of Clarence Big House Gaines.

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